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Tail Command

Dog Day Care and Boarding done different

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tail Command

We are a one stop shop of fun, adventure, and doggie paradise. We offer services ranging from Boarding, Bathing and Nails, Training, and of course our now famous Dog Day Care program. Most dogs refer to it as "Doggie Playland". We also offer pet retail for dog food, treats, some of the best toys around and more!

Why Choose Tail Command?

We are simply the best! Just ask all our clients and their owners. Ok, so dogs can't speak human, but if they could they would tell you that we are not like traditional kennels and dog day cares in the area. We offer 100% exercise time, most dog day cares only offer limited (15min-60min). We highly recommend you check around. Our program is supervised 6am-6:30pm allowing all dogs to be out and playing in our 6,000 sq/ft climate controlled area or 16,000 sq/ft outdoor area. It's important to realize that the dog's interaction is far more important than the amenities that are flashy. 

What are the Requirements?

First, we usually only accept dogs that are above 16 weeks old. We do require that all dogs above the age of 6 months old be spayed  / neutered (It helps  keep aggression and fights away). We also require the following  vaccinations to help ensure that our facility stays clean, safe, and healthy; Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies, Distemper-Parvo. (We do highly recommend  Canine Flu Vaccination as well).  

Aren't there fights?

We do a temperament test to distinguish who comes and who doesn't, but that doesn't always keep us from having bad days.   If a  fight/injury does occur, we have a trained staff to help avoid, diffuse,  and remedy almost all situations. If it's a nick or cut, we will clean  it and send them back on their way. If it's more threatening and may  warrant a vet visit, we will call you before. If it's an emergency, we  will do what any good dog owner would do, take them immediately. We  treat all dogs as if they were our own! 

Would my dog be a good fit?

If you have a dog that is under 12 weeks old or older than 9 years of age, we may not be the right fit. Our environment is highly active and sociable. If your dog hasn't been around other dogs, it may still be a great place, but if you know your dog doesn't get along in a dog park, we'd probably venture out to say he/she isn't going to get along well with our dogs here. We do run a temperament test just to be certain, so feel free to call and set up an appointment today.

My dog has special needs...

Please call us and we can better answer you and your pet's needs.