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3120 Stanton Street, Springfield, Illinois 62703

(217) 529-8245

Tail Command

Dog Day Care and Boarding done different

Our Philosophy


Our trained and dedicated staff takes a unique approach to Springfield's Best Dog Day Care, Dog Boarding, Dog Training, and Dog Bathing/Nails. We offer an Open Range facility, which means more play are and more furry friends for your pup! The benefit? A more diverse, tired and balanced dog in your home. 



We require all dogs 6 months of age or older to be spayed/neutered for our dog day care and dog boarding, and dog training. We also require the following vaccinations to be up to date; Bordetella (kennel cough, Rabies, and  Distemper-Parvo

How to Join


Contact us via here, Facebook, or phone and set up an appointment for your dogs first FREE day! We check over your vaccinations and registration and then do a temperament test to make sure everything is a go and you're done!



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Give your pet a vacation!

Dog Boarding can be stressful to you or your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!

Tail Command

3120 Stanton St.Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 529-8245


Monday - Friday: 6am - 6:30pm

         Saturday: 8am - 5pm
          Sunday: 8am-10am